All About Vicodin

Have you been prescribed Vicodin and want to learn more about the drug? Vicodin is a medicine that combines two drugs: acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Both of these drugs contain pain-killing ingredients. It’s commonly prescribed for patients after dental work. Patients are also prescribed this drug to relieve post-operative pain or acute pain due to medical conditions or injuries. Be Smart: Use as Directed Vicodin is considered a narcotic drug, as it contains hydrocodone. Because of its sedative effects, it should never be used with alcohol or other sedatives, such as sleeping pills. Vicodin should not be used in individuals taking MAO inhibitors. If you’ve been prescribed this medication, it’s vital to use only as directed, because misuse or over-usage may lead to severe complications, including respiratory failure. Additionally, misuse of the drug Vicodin may lead to a drug dependance, as the drug can be habit forming. When using Vicodin, be mindful of side effects, such as extreme sleepiness, dizziness or difficulty breathing. If these symptoms occur, discontinue use and contact your physician at...

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About the Drug Zocor

Have you heard of the drug Zocor? You may have seen the previous commercials advertising this medication. Zocor is a prescription drug that is commonly used to control, or block, bad cholesterol. The chemical name for Zocor is Simvastatin. If you have high cholesterol, your doctor may prescribe Zocor to lower the levels in your bloodstream. This drug may also lower your risk for stroke and heart attack, especially if you are at high risk for these conditions. Some diabetics take this prescription drug to prevent heart related issues. It should only be used under the advice of a physician. Side Effects Associated With Zocor Muscular problems may occur in certain individuals using Zocor. If you experience muscle weakness or pain, contact your physician. Although it is considered rare, some individuals experience kidney complications as well. This is why it’s important to be closely monitored by a health care provider when using...

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What is Synthroid?

If you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you may be prescribed a drug known as Synthroid. The chemical ingredient for this drug is called levothyroxine sodium. In addition to treating hypothyroidism, there are other uses for Synthroid. Some individuals diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid gland, commonly referred to as a goiter, may prescribed Synthroid to treat it. When your thyroid doesn’t produce adequate amounts of an energy producing hormone, you probably suffer from hypothyroidism. The drug Synthroid helps replace the lower levels of the hormone necessary for good metabolism. Basically, Synthroid is a synthetic (or laboratory-created) hormone, meaning it simulates a naturally occurring hormone found in the thyroid. The popular prescription drug is given in tablet form. Concerns and Side Effects Patients with certain medical conditions may be at risk for side effects. It’s important to discuss concerns and medical issues with your doctor before using Synthroid. Nursing mothers may need to have their dosage adjusted, as this may be passed on through breast milk. Use only as directed, as serious side effects may occur when...

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A Prescription Drug Guide to 3 Popular Medicines

Recent News

  • Effective Stretching Exercises For Back Pain Relief

    Posted by Diana Larkin on Aug 24, 2016

    If you are experiencing severe back pain that hasn’t let up in days, you may need to seek professional treatment so as to prevent the problem from becoming chronic. Back pain is usually excruciating and can limit your movements or prevent you from carrying on with your daily activities. The good news is that back pain can easily be managed using physical therapy. Stretching exercises are usually very effective at managing and halting back pain, as they help strengthen your back muscles and improve blood circulation, leading to pain relief and a wider range of motion. Read on to learn simple stretching exercises you can attempt at home to manage your back pain.  Lumbar extension stretches Lumbar extension exercises are typically done to fix disc herniation. Before attempting any of the stretching exercises discussed in this section, be sure to consult a physical therapist so you can be examined for any fractures that could lead to further spinal damage during stretching. If you experience any sharp pain during the exercises, stop immediately. For starters, lie on your stomach on a flat surface, ensuring your elbows remain bent beneath you and your hands are flat on the surface. Gradually lift your upper body while your hips and hands remain on the surface so as to stretch your back muscles. This can help relieve tightness in the lower back and improve motion. You can also lie flat on your back and attempt to lift your knees to your chest. This exercise typically stretches the lower back and buttocks area, and repeating it regularly can help strengthen back muscles.  Finally, get on your...

  • Ways To Preserve Your Oral Health At Work

    Posted by Diana Larkin on Aug 7, 2016

    Caring for your teeth can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t adhere to good dental practices when you are away from home. Many people only spend a fraction of time at their house. The majority of their day is spent in the workplace. However, there are multiple things that you can do to preserve your oral health even when you are at work. Here are a few of them: Avoid the office treats. Oftentimes donuts, danishes or other sweets may be brought into the workplace to boost office morale. However, the carbohydrate content of these items can be detrimental to the health of your teeth. Sweets don’t just promote the development of plaque. They serve as a perfect food source for oral bacteria. Oral bacteria are the primary sources of decay-causing acid in your mouth. As the bacteria feed on particles of carbohydrates, they produce acid. This acid immediately begins to dissolve your tooth enamel to incite tooth decay that can result in serious cavities or even tooth loss. Additionally, the acid irritates sensitive gums. Instead of choosing one of these sweet treats that may be available on a community tray in your office, bring along fresh sliced vegetables to munch on. Uncooked vegetables typically have a low sugar content. Additionally, since they tend to be fibrous in texture, so they can help scrub your teeth free of plaque in the absence of a toothbrush. As an added bonus, the veggies are less likely to add girth to your waistline. If you don’t prefer vegetables, chew a stick of sugarless gum to keep your mouth busy....

  • 3D Ultrasounds: The Medical Benefits

    Posted by Diana Larkin on Jul 27, 2016

    Parents have fallen in love with 3D ultrasounds, largely because they reveal much about their unborn child’s appearance. Older ultrasounds were not nearly as clear and the baby’s features were rarely discernable. Some modern ultrasounds are nearing the look of a portrait, with the baby’s features being easy to determine. As enjoyable as that experience is for parents, the real advantage of a 3D ultrasound is in the medical realm. Fetal Heart More advanced 3D technology allows doctors to get a better look at the fetal heart. The procedure takes less time and allows them to better diagnose fetal heart anomalies than 2D technology did. As a result, the proper medical procedures can be completed as soon as the baby is born, or in some cases, in utero, raising survival rates. If your baby’s heart is not developing properly, the ultrasound should reveal that issue.  Skeletal and Facial Issues Other medical issues that are easier to diagnose in utero include facial abnormalities, such as a cleft palate. Also, skeletal malformations are much easier to visualize. Although a skilled ultrasound technician is still needed, the accuracy of the 3D ultrasound is less dependent on operator knowledge than 2D ultrasound is. The 3D scan is particularly helpful in spotting these medical issues at the 18 – 20-week mark.  Gynecological Care After the baby is born, the benefit of the 3D ultrasound continues for women. They are particularly helpful in finding abnormalities in the uterus and ovaries, and can spot cysts and tumors, giving physicians an early read on size, and in some instances, type. 3D ultrasound technology is now being used...


The Drug Vicodin

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The Drug Zocor

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The Drug Synthroid

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