Does Your Child Have A Sore Throat? 4 Reasons To Choose Rapid Pediatric Strep Testing

If you have school-age kids, you need to keep track of their health. In most cases, you need to take your child to the doctor when they're not feeling well. But, some illnesses let you test your child at home. Two of those tests include Covid-19 home tests and pediatric strep tests. Home tests are easy to give and provide reliable results. If you're not sure that home tests are right for you, read the list below. Here are three reasons to choose a rapid pediatric strep test. 

Get Treatment Fast

If your child doesn't feel well, you want to get treatment for them right away. That's especially true where strep throat is concerned. If your child has strep throat, they may experience throat pain, vomiting, and high fever. That's why you need to start treatment for your child as soon as you can. That's where rapid pediatric strep testing comes into the picture. Rapid strep testing gives you the information you need so you can get treatment for your child. As an added benefit, rapid strep testing also helps reduce the spread of the illness by catching it early. 

Avoid Urgent Care

If you want to avoid the urgent care center, now's the time to get rapid pediatric strep tests for your child. When you take your child to an urgent care center, you can wait for hours to get seen. That's time that your child could be resting at home. Plus, your child can get exposed to other illnesses while they're waiting to get seen at the urgent care center. That's where rapid pediatric strep tests become beneficial. Rapid pediatric strep tests let you get the results you need, without spending time in urgent care. 

Reduce Absences

If you have school-aged kids, you need to worry about absences. Any time your child gets sick, they lose classroom time. Unfortunately, that can create problems with their education. When you think your child has strep, you need to keep them home until you get the test results back. That can take a couple of days when you take the traditional route. Or, you can get results fast with in-home rapid strep tests. When you choose a rapid pediatric strep test, you can reduce lost educational days for your child. Rapid testing can also help you avoid days missed from work.   

Don't take chances with your child's health. When you think your child is sick, reach for a rapid pediatric strep test

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