Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Relationships

Hearing loss is sometimes viewed as more of an inconvenience than it is a serious problem, but this train of thought is not exactly correct. A limited ability to hear clearly can impact your safety, work-life, and even the special relationships you value with family and friends. If you have issues with hearing loss and have not taken the time to address the matter, learn how your hearing loss could be impacting your relationships.

The Feeling of Being Out of the Loop

Sadly, when friends and family know that a particular family member struggles with hearing, when they have an emergent need, it is not unheard of for the person to bypass the individual altogether. Instead, they will bring their concerns to a family member without hearing struggles in an effort to resolve their issue faster. For the family member who is struggling with hearing, being bypassed can cause him or her to feel out of the loop and disconnected from family matters. 

Less Independence

The need to hear is a function whose importance should never be underestimated. As such, when an individual is unable to hear, it can make it hard to navigate through society. The need to constantly asks others what someone said or to repeat themselves can make an individual feel like a piece of their independence has been snatched away, which can be a painful pill to swallow. 

Built-Up Resentment

Particularly when it comes to individuals who ignore their hearing struggles, close friends and family may start to develop feelings of resentment. Those closest to these individuals may feel as though their loved one is neglecting themself and possibly putting a strain on the people around them as a result of their unwillingness to seek medical help. Resentment is never healthy for any relationship.

Reduced Sense of Self Worth

When you consider not feeling like you are in the loop to a loss of independence and resentment from family members, combined, this can make an individual feel like they have little self-worth. Reduced self-worth can lead to a whirlwind of additional issues and cause a further deterioration of relationships with family and friends. Speaking with a medical professional to address the hearing issue can help turn your life around. 

If you want to improve your life, speak with a hearing loss professional. From formally diagnosing the issue to helping you find the appropriate adaptive gear; you can improve your hearing and your life. 

For more information on hearing loss, contact a professional near you.

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