Need Bunion Surgery? Here Are Your Options

If you have been told that you need bunion surgery, you may wonder what exactly that entails, and what you can expect from recovery. A bunion is a bony bump that can grow off the side of your foot. Bunions can make simple things like walking or moving very difficult, limiting what you are able to do in a day, or causing every step to be painful. There are several different types of bunion surgeries, all of which will have a different surgical process and recovery time. You will need to talk to your doctor to see which type of bunion surgery is best for you. Here are a few details of the different surgeries, along with what you may be able to expect. 

Realignment or Shaving of the Bunion

Realignment surgery is usually the most simple bunion surgery option. Your surgeon may make some simple cuts into the bone and slightly alter how the bones sit, allowing you to have a bit more comfort when you step. In more serious cases, your surgeon may actually shave off part of your bone to make it more comfortable for you. Extreme bunions may actually need to have the head of their metatarsal removed in order to make space for bone growth. The recovery or this type of surgery is usually non-weight bearing for 6-12 weeks

Artificial Implants

If the excision of the bunion or the realignment of bone seems like it is not a viable option, your surgeon may move to the more extreme option of simply replacing your joint. Most bunions are located on the medial joint of the foot (usually the big toe), which can be replaced much like a larger joint. You may have heard of people getting their knees or hips replaced. This can also be done with an extreme bunion. The recovery is usually similar to the previous option, so you will likely need to get time off of work or school for the recovery. 

Bone Fusions

If your bunion is not located on the big toe, your surgeon may recommend a bone fusion. This will limit the mobility of your toe in the future, though it may also provide stability and decrease the pain you feel with each step. Bone fusion recoveries are usually just a few weeks off your feet.

In conclusion, bunion surgery may greatly improve your health and the overall quality of your life. If you have a painful bunion, you do not need to suffer through it any longer than you have already done. Talk to your doctor about bunion surgery today.

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