Getting Children To Take Their Medications Through Compounds

If you are struggling to get your child to take their medication, you may want to look into getting their prescription compounded into another form. Compounded medications can make every day drastically easier by simplifying the challenge of administering your child's medically necessary prescriptions. Many people struggle to get their young child to ingest a syringe of liquid medication, swallow a pill, or chew a tablet that they do not like. You may wonder how a compounding pharmacy can help since your child is still being medicated, but you may be surprised by how a different form can change the experience. For example, here are a few compounded medication forms your child's prescription could potentially be changed to. 

Gummy Candies

There has been a major shift in the vitamin world over the last few years with the introduction of gummy vitamins. How can something that tastes so good be good for you? That is how your child will feel when all of a sudden, you are giving them candy instead of an oral syringe of medication each morning. Depending on their age, your child may not even be aware that they are still on medication. 


Some medications can even be turned into literal candy by getting compounded into lollipops and suckers. Some compounding pharmacies have specifications as to which original medication types can be turned into lollipops, such as syrups, though some may be able to transform almost anything into a candy-flavored sucker. If your child is partial to specific flavors, you can even ask for them, further increasing the odds of your child enjoying their prescription. 


Depending on the capabilities of your compounding pharmacy, you may have the option of turning a medication into a tablet that dissolves in drinks, or that comes in the form of a drink itself. 

Variety Keeps It Simple

When the rote of daily life becomes a grind, small variations can really make all of the difference. Some people choose to have their kid's medication compounded into several different forms, constantly switching up which method is given in order to avoid getting stuck in a power struggle. 

In conclusion, instead of choosing to struggle with medication administration each day, choose to proactively get your child's medication in a form that will be easier for them to take. Talk to a compounding pharmacy near you about what your options could be. Someday soon you may find out just how easy giving your child their medication can be. Good luck!

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