Helpful Services Provided By A Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor

As more states legalize the use of medical marijuana, more patients wonder if it can help them with their health conditions. To find out if it will relieve your symptoms, you first need to consult with a physician who can complete a medical marijuana card evaluation for you. Before you schedule this appointment, however, you should understand what it will entail. These services are some that a licensed, professional medical marijuana doctor can offer to you.

Evaluate Current and Prior Medication and Substance Use

When you undergo a medical marijuana card evaluation, you can expect your medical marijuana doctor to ask what kinds of medications and substances that you have used in the past. If you previously took ibuprofen for pain relief, your physician may determine that you can benefit from using a particular grade of medical marijuana instead. You may be given a card that allows you to use it for relieving symptoms from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or uterine fibroids.

Similarly, your doctor will determine if any current medications that you take could adversely affect your use of medical marijuana. This substance has a relatively low rate of negative reactions with other substances. However, if you take medications like albuterol for asthma, your doctor may recommend changes to your healthcare regimen to avoid possible adverse reactions.

Determine Dosage and Frequency of Use

Your medical marijuana card evaluation will also involve determining how much of it that you should use and at what frequency. These details will be especially important to have reported on your card. They will demonstrate to law enforcement that you are legally authorized to carry and use it and that a doctor is supervising you as a patient.

These details are also important for the dispensary to know about when you shop for this substance from a licensed seller. The dispensary will know what kind to give to you. It also will know how much of it to sell to you at one time based on the dosage and frequency of use as indicated on your card.

These services are some to anticipate when you undergo a medical marijuana card evaluation. Your physician will determine if it is safe for you to use it based on the medications that you have taken in the past or take now. Your medical marijuana doctor will also indicate how much you should use and how often.

For more information about having an evaluation under a medical marijuana doctor, contact a local physician.

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