Sex Therapy Can Be Very Helpful

If you are having issues in your marriage and you feel a lack of physical intimacy is causing those issues, or that the issues are causing a lack of physical intimacy, then you need to figure out which it is and work on all contributing factors with your spouse. A relationship in which there is no physical intimacy might be merely a friendship. If you are in a marriage in which both of you are completely comfortable with the lack of physical intimacy, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if either of you is bothered by it, then you want to learn about sexual health therapy and how it can help. You can learn about this type of therapy by reading this article.

What sexual health therapy is

Sexual health therapy, or sex therapy, is a type of therapy that helps couples who are experiencing physical intimacy issues. This type of therapy can also help anyone who is struggling with any type of intimacy or sexual issues, even if they happen to be single. Sex therapy is normally offered by licensed psychologists, therapists, or even social workers or physicians. These professionals will have gone through advanced training in order to be considered a specialist in this area.

What sexual health therapy is not

When someone who has no experience with sex therapy hears about sex therapy sessions, they can let their imagination get ahead of them and envision something completely different from reality. During sex therapy sessions, the therapist will not perform or engage in any type of sexual contact with the clients. What really happens in a sex therapy session is that the therapist will counsel the person or the couple in order to help them through issues that can be affecting them in the area of physical intimacy.

What sex therapy can focus on

When a couple goes to sex therapy, they will explain their concerns to the therapist, and the therapist will determine which things should be focused on first and help the couple through those issues. Then they take on other issues in order of importance, with the focus being on helping the couple reestablish a healthy relationship that includes a good sex life. Here are some of the things a sex therapist may help the couple with:

Healthy experimentation – When a couple learns to experiment in a healthy way that they are both comfortable with, it can lead to a much healthier sex life and they will learn more about each other in the process. This is also a great way to naturally build trust and compromise.

Healthy communication – Many couples don't feel comfortable talking to one another about sex, specifically about their wants, needs, comfort levels, and when they have issues with something related to their sex life. Therapy can really help with these things.

Sexual education – There are a lot of adults who aren't knowledgeable about their own bodies. In order for a person to have a healthy sex life, they need to have a complete understanding of their body and how everything works. A sex therapist will help with this as well.

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