Treating A Child With Medical Marijuana (Or Its Oils) May Help With Certain Forms Of Epilepsy

The development of epilepsy in a child is always a tragic situation. It will force a child to have to learn to adapt to a new and challenging lifestyle. However, medical marijuana and cannabis oil has been shown to help manage many of the symptoms associated with this issue.

Why Medical Marijuana Is Helpful

In the past, many people with epilepsy smoked marijuana and claimed that it helped manage their symptoms. Recent studies have found that drug-resistant epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome is heavily affected by the cannabis oil in medical marijuana. They confirmed that children who took medical marijuana for seizures were able to cut their seizures from 14 to about 6 per month.

That is a 50 percent drop and showcases a huge benefit that parents of young children with this disease must understand. However, they may run into problems if the child is unable to smoke medical marijuana or take it in a more standard method.

Medical Marijuana Can Cause Some Coughing In Children

Even regular smokers of marijuana suffer from what they call cannabis coughing. Younger children may be more prone to this problem than adults because of their younger throats. They won't have been exposed to as many elements as adults and are likely to cough more heavily. That doesn't mean that they can't adapt, as many people do, but it may be challenging at first.

That's one reason why there are many different types of medical marijuana on the market. For example, there are baked goods that are easier for many children to eat. However, oil remains a popular alternative because it is easy to dispense and potent.

Oil May Be Available

If your children struggle to take medical marijuana through the use of smoking devices, it may be a good idea to consider oils. Many medical marijuana providers will give you cannabis oil that can be used to treat this condition. Typically, it is administered via a dropper or in a similar way. Dosing guidelines allow you to adjust the amount your child takes, depending on their needs.

So you may want to give them a small amount when the dosing starts to see how well they tolerate it. Typically, you use oil during the early warning symptoms of a seizure and then increase the dose if a seizure seems imminent. In this way, you can avoid a serious issue and keep them from the pain and frustration of an epilepsy seizure.

So don't hesitate to talk to medical marijuana providers to learn more about how oil can help. It may provide your child with the comfort they need to get over this sometimes debilitating and challenging condition.

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