When You Adopt These Mindsets About Your Drug Use, It's Time To Get Treatment

For many people who enter a drug treatment center, there has been an obvious reason that they've decided to get help. Perhaps someone has had a brush with the law that has scared them straight, or maybe someone's family members have given an ultimatum. If you're struggling with drug use and the above situations haven't taken place, you don't need to wait for them to happen to get help. In many cases, it can be useful to consider your mindset about your drug use. For many people, changes in your mindset can indicate that help is necessary. Here are some ways of thinking that may be present for you.

"This Is Going To Kill Me"

Many addicts feel as though their drug use is under control, and, to a certain extent, it may indeed be. However, addicts will often reach a point that they feel they're helpless against their addiction and that it will eventually take their life. This is especially true if you're abusing harder drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and opioids, as each of these substances has the potential to end your life with just one overdose. If you truly believe that your addiction will take your life at some point, it's a startling reminder that you need to get help.

"I'll Never Get Clean"

Thinking that you'll never get clean may initially make the idea of treatment seem futile, but it's important to remember that positive changes can arise out of this type of despair. Perhaps you're not worried about dying from your addiction — maybe you smoke marijuana regularly and know that doing so isn't likely to directly end your life. However, if you have trouble envisioning your life without your drug of choice being a part of it, it's a sign that you're going to need professional help to change this mindset.

"This Is Going To Cost Me"

Many addicts can exist for years without their drug addiction truly costing them. While it's true that your addiction will cost you money, think about other costs that could be in your future. Perhaps you're worried about losing your job, having your family leave you, or even losing your freedom because of a jail sentence that results from your drug use. Maybe you've been lucky so far to escape with relatively few serious costs related to your addiction, but if you expect things to soon catch up with you, seek treatment before they do.

If any of these statements apply to you, consider individual addiction counseling to overcome your drug use.

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