2 Things You Get To See At Your Baby's 20 Week Ultrasound

When you are pregnant, some of your most exciting appointments involve getting an ultrasound. This gives you the opportunity to actually see your baby and know that they are growing and developing as they should be. It can also put a visual image with the little baby you feel wiggling inside of you. While each ultrasound is special and important, your 20 week ultrasound is generally one of the most important. A lot of things are looked at and checked during this appointment and you will be able to see several aspects of your baby. Here are two of the things that you will get to see at your baby's 20 week ultrasound. 

The Four Chambers Of The Heart

One of the most amazing things that you get to see during your 20 week ultrasound are the four chambers of your baby's heart. The heart is looked at to ensure that it is developing properly and that there is no cause for concern. The technician will look to make sure that the heart has separated into four chambers, and will also check to see if blood flow is normal. You will actually be able to see the blue blood that is entering the heart from the body, as well as the red blood that has been oxygenated and is being pumped into the left side of the heart and out into the body.

Their Genitals

One of the reasons why the 20 week ultrasound is so fun is the fact that you get to see what the gender of your baby is. This is something that most parents want to know from the moment they become pregnant, so waiting this long can be quite difficult. However, most parents agree that it is completely worth it when they look at the ultrasound and see the gender of their baby. By 20 weeks, your baby's genitals are well developed, so it is often quite easy for the ultrasound technician to point them out to you. However, there are sometimes issues if your baby has their legs crossed, are in a very squished position, etc. If this is the case, you will likely have to return for another appointment soon after to recheck the gender. 

Seeing your baby's heart and finding out their gender at your 20 week ultrasound is very exciting and it helps to give you peace that your baby is developing as they should be. For more information, contact establishments like Kenai Peninsula Imaging Center, LLC.

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