What Are Your Best Weight-Loss Methods For A Sedentary Job?

If you've been struggling (without much success) to avoid weight gain after starting a sedentary job, you may wonder whether you'll ever be able to make the diet and exercise changes needed to shed these extra pounds while spending at least eight to ten hours per day in a seated position. Fortunately, there are a number of at-your-seat exercises you can perform even in the most buttoned-up office environment, and combining these exercises with some changes to your diet may be enough to jump-start your weight loss journey. Read on to learn more about some weight loss methods you can employ at a sedentary job to help you boost your metabolism and make more mindful eating choices.  

What Exercises Can Be Done At Your Desk?

By performing some basic exercises from the comfort of your desk, you'll be able to keep your metabolism humming along even while you're seated. If your office permits under-the-desk exercise equipment, you may want to consider a desk bike; this small, portable bike sits beneath your desk and allows you to pedal while performing your normal daily tasks. Over the course of a day, this intermittent pedaling can burn hundreds of additional calories. 

Likewise, replacing your current office chair with an exercise ball can go a long way toward reducing the sedentary nature of your job. Although sitting on a ball may not seem much different than sitting in a chair, an exercise ball forces you to engage your core muscles, providing you with a constant workout as you try to maintain your seated position. 

Another option may be a standing desk. As the name implies, this desk is tall and adjustable enough to be easily used while standing, allowing you to take meetings, make phone calls, and answer emails without sitting down. Not only can a standing desk all but eliminate the "sedentary" designation of your office job, it can improve your work performance by literally taking you out of your comfort zone and activating different parts of your brain. 

What Should You Do To Improve Your Eating Habits? 

While exercise can go a long way toward reducing weight gain, it's often not enough to result in actual weight loss unless you make some dietary changes as well. Office environments are often rife with unhealthy snack foods, sugary vending machine sodas, and other dietary pitfalls.

By committing to bringing your lunch rather than eating from the cafeteria (or grabbing fast food instead), you'll be able to exercise more control over your lunch calories. You'll also want to cut down on mindless snacking by ensuring your desk and fridge are always stocked with healthier snacks, like fresh fruit slices and vegetable sticks, rice cakes, yogurt, and other low-calorie but filling foods. 

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