Energy Healing Beyond The Office

Many people think of energy healing through the lens and experiences of Western medicine. In Western medicine, when you are sick you go to the doctor's office to allow them to heal you. While you can go into an energy healer's office when you are feeling unwell, most forms of energy healing tend to take a more holistic and preventative approach. This means you may benefit from going in for maintenance treatments on a regular basis. However, it also means that you might want to personalize some aspects of energy healing and utilize them on your own, outside of the healing center or office. 

Creating Positive Energy at Home 

There are many ways to create positive energy at home. Some people decorate using Feng Shui, strategically place salt crystals around their home, or complete a smudging ceremony with sage. Others promote daily grounding by having a no-shoes policy in the home or get rid of emotional and energetic distractions by decluttering. If you are not sure where to start, talk to an energy healer about going to your house to give you a consultation and get you started with some simple ways to create positive energy at home. 

Taking a Healing Vacation 

Vacations can be a time to regroup and boost your energy. However, some people feel more drained or anxious after their vacation than they did before they left. You can get the most out of your vacation by spending time in nature and making sure you have designed your vacation to fit your specific needs. For example, a beach vacation is popular because the high salt content of the water and air promotes a refreshing, spiritual healing atmosphere. However, a forest vacation may be better for getting grounding if you have erratic energy. You can talk to a practitioner to help you decide which type of vacation will fit your current needs.  

Balancing Your Energy On the Go 

Taking control of your energy does not have to mean large, sweeping changes or an expensive vacation. There are short, daily activities you can do on your own to balance your energy. You can try several activities to figure out what works best for you, or you can consult with a professional to get a list of daily exercises tailored specifically to your energetic needs. Once you find daily practices, you should make sure you engage in them not only when you feel stressed or depressed, but as a regular preventative measure, similar to brushing your teeth every day. 

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