Reasons To Go Through Breast Reconstruction Surgery After Cancer

Following the removal of one or both of your breasts as a result of cancer, you have the option of going through breast reconstruction surgery. Although you might be hesitant to schedule additional surgery after all that you've been through, you may be curious about this procedure. There's no rush to move forward — if you want to take some time before exploring breast reconstruction surgery, feel free to do so. However, as time passes, you may find that you're more interested in having this surgery, so you'll want to book a consultation with a reconstructive surgeon. Here are some reasons that you may wish to go through the surgery.

Improved Self Esteem

Many women have a close relationship with their breasts, which means that having one or both of them removed as a result of cancer can be highly traumatic. You may feel that you no longer look as good as you used to or that your identity as a woman has been severely impacted. If you're noticing decreased self esteem after you've had one or both breasts removed, breast reconstruction surgery can be a way to get your self esteem back. Once again having breasts can make you feel better about yourself whether you're with a partner or simply looking at your body in the mirror.

More Freedom With Your Attire

When you're missing one or both breasts as a result of cancer, it can be challenging to dress the way you want. You'll need to wear a padded bra, and this garment may not always be suitable for the clothing you want to wear. Whereas conventional bras are available in many styles, the same can't be said about padded bras, and this can limit your ability to dress in a manner that suits you. When you have breast reconstruction, you'll have more freedom with picking your outfits, whether it's a swimsuit for a trip to the beach or a dress for a cocktail party.

Better Body Symmetry

If you've had one of your breasts removed and the other is on the larger side, you may feel as though your upper body is asymmetrical. This isn't just a visual issue. The added weight on one side of your chest may eventually lead to back pain, as it could cause your upper back to bend or twist slightly to one side. You don't want your asymmetry to lead to this type of discomfort, so it may be worthwhile to meet with a surgeon to discuss breast reconstruction to give you a better degree of symmetry.

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