Family Planning For Him

Welcoming a child into the family is something that many couples look forward to. Women invest a great deal of time and attention making sure they are medically ready to bear children; but, family planning is something that can be overlooked when it comes to men. Doing your part to make sure you are ready to create a child will help reduce the stress on your partner and other issues associated with family planning.

Here are three helpful tips to keep in mind as you and your significant other begin planning for a family.

1. Stay in shape.

Hitting the gym can do more than just give you the chiseled body you desire, it can be an essential part of family planning. According to researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, carrying excess weight could be counterproductive for men when it comes to having children.

Their study showed that men who were overweight were more likely to produce lower sperm counts (or even no sperm at all) when compared with their fit peers. Do your part to ensure your sperm production isn't compromised by maintaining a healthy weight. Furthermore, once you and your partner have children, you'll be grateful that you have the body and energy levels to keep up with them! When you go with your wife to her OBGYN appointments, talk with a professional, like Abortion Care, about other ways to improve your family planning and health.

2. Engage in regular intercourse.

One of the easiest ways ensure that your sperm remains as healthy as possible is to engage in regular intercourse. While it might sound silly to think you need to remind yourself to be romantic with your partner regularly when trying to start a family, skipping even a single day could be detrimental to your goals.

Researchers in Australia discovered that men who had sex once a day in the week leading up to their partner's ovulation were able to clear out damaged DNA and replace it with fresh, healthy sperm cells.

3. Treat yourself with some dark chocolate.

The foods that you eat can have an effect on your sperm count. If you are one that has a sweet tooth, you should opt to feed your cravings with dark chocolate when planning to start a family. Dark chocolate is rich in the amino acid L-Arginine HCL.

This amino acid can help improve blood flow, which is essential for sperm production. L-Arginine HCL can also help to mitigate the effects of stress on the quality of your sperm, ensuring that you will have the most viable semen available when the time to start your own family arrives.

Family planning is something that men need to take just as seriously as women. Be sure that you are taking action to increase the viability of your sperm if you want to start a family in the near future.

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