Preparing For In-Home Care For Your Loved One With Alzheimer's

Caring for a loved on with Alzheimer's can be difficult, particularly if you work or have other family members to care for. If you've made the decision to keep your relative at home, in-home care can provide the medical and personal care your loved one needs. You will need to prepare for having in-home care before the first visit. This will help your relative understand what is happening and ensure you get the best possible level of care. Here are just a few things you can do to prepare for this transition.

Make A List Of Needs

Each person with Alzheimer's may have different needs, so it is important for you and your relative to determine what type of care you'll need in the home. You may simply need a companion to be with your loved one during the day, or you may need skilled nursing care to help manage other medical conditions as well as the Alzheimer's. Use the following checklist to determine what type of care you need to look for.

  • Help with medication and injections
  • Help with dressing and bathing
  • Help with light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Companion services

Discuss the needs you've decided on with any potential in-home caregivers to determine which person is right for you. This will ensure that your loved one gets all the care needed during the day when you aren't there.

Discuss The Change In Care

Your loved one may have a difficult time with a new person in the home. Discuss the reasons why you are hiring an in-home caregiver and how it can make your relative's life easier. Be prepared to have this conversation several times, as memory issues may prevent him or her from remembering the initial conversation. Once you've hired a caregiver, you may want to consider putting a picture of the caregiver in the main living area so your loved one can connect the photo with the person visiting the home.

Arrange For An In-Home Final Interview

Once you have found the candidate you like the best, arrange for an in-home final interview. Your loved one should be present for this interview so he or she can begin to build a relationship with the new caregiver. You can give the candidate a tour of the home so he or she can become familiar with the space. Ask the caregiver if there are any changes he or she would make to the home that might make your loved one more comfortable. At the end of this meeting, you should feel that the caregiver is comfortable with your relative and that he or she is ready to take on the role in your home.

Arranging for in-home care means preparing your loved one, understanding his or her needs and making sure that the new caregiver is comfortable with your relative. Following these three steps can ensure your loved one is in safe hands when you can't be home.

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