Urinary Tract Infections Require Immediate Attention

The vast majority of women in America will experience a urinary tract infection at some point in their life. This type of infection occurs when bacteria enters the urethra and begins to grow. Sometimes, the infection spreads to the kidneys or bladder.


The most prominent symptom associated with urinary tract infections is painful urination. It will hurt to pee, and you may even develop a fever. Additionally, urinary tract infections commonly come alongside yeast infections and other issues. Some women experience bleeding and spotting during urination.

What To Do In Case of Infection

Don't wait to see the doctor once you feel the burn. These infections have a tendency to grow, and preventing your infection from spreading is of the utmost importance. Even those over-the-counter remedies do allow the symptoms to subside, they are no match for antibiotics that actually provide a solid cure for the infection.

The doctor's visit is actually less invasive than you might think. The process requires a simple urine sample, after which the doctor will test it.  If you are pregnant, this test is even more important. This is because the infection can lead to early labor if left untreated.

Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections

If you are struggling with pain resulting from an infection, antibiotics are the key. It may take up to three days for the antibiotics to really kick in. Unfortunately, you may need to take some over-the-counter medications on the side to help with the pain.

It is also wise to drink as much water as possible while you are waiting for medication to kick in. You are going to urinate more often, but this is a good thing in spite of the pain. This helps to flush out bacteria and dilute your urine. You will experience less pain when you urinate if you have more urine to expel.

It Can Happen Again

Keep in mind that urinary tract infections are often recurring. It is common for some women to get urinary tract infections each year or even each month. Take important steps toward preventing these infections by taking cranberry supplements and urinating after sexual intercourse. You can even pass a urinary tract infection to your partner, though the condition is much more common in women than in men. For this reason, it is important to refrain from sexual intercourse if you think you have attention. Antibiotics can completely clear the infection, making intercourse safe once again. For more information about these issues, contact a practice such as Western Branch Center for Women.   

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