What To Expect When Getting Fit For A Prosthetic Leg

Losing a leg is both life changing and emotional. It is normal for you to feel anxious as you start the journey of being fit for a prosthetic leg. After you are fit for your new prosthetic leg, it is almost as if you will take a trip back in time where you must learn how to walk all over again. This is why it is extremely common for you to be referred to a physical therapist who works with you as you learn how to use your new leg.

Adjusting to a prosthetic leg is a process that will take patience, time, and a positive attitude. While it varies from one person to the next, it is not uncommon for it to take months for you to build up enough confidence and strength to be comfortable using your new prosthetic leg. Naturally, it is also normal for you to have tons of questions such as whether or not walking on your new leg will be uncomfortable or how hard it is to walk down stairs. Learning more about what to expect may put your mind at ease.

Getting Used to Your New Leg

It is important to keep in mind that learning how to utilize a prosthetic limb is a process that will take energy, time, and patience. It is perfectly normal for the leg to feel uncomfortable in the beginning because you are not used to it. In a lot of ways, the concept is no different than an individual getting braces. He or she just needed time to get used to them being in his or her mouth. In time, your prosthetic leg will become a part of you and you will feel strange without it.

Do Not Rush The Process

As you start walking with your new leg on your own, do not try to rush the process. If your therapist or doctor gave you a cane or some other aide to help you walk, you should use it. The aide is intended to prevent you from hurting yourself. Do not feel ashamed of having to walk slower than normal in everyday situations. Uneven surfaces, curbs, hills, and stairs are all everyday walking situations you will have to relearn with your new leg. Don't be afraid to ask your physical therapist or doctor for help if you are struggling to walk on or over a certain surface.

Initially, your new leg is not going to be comfortable. It is going to be hard to use and you may even want to give up. Your body will adjust and you will be walking with confidence in no time. You just have to give the leg a chance and listen to all of the advice your physical therapist gives you regarding walking. 

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