3 Important Questions To Ask Your Infant's Pediatrician At Your First Visit

When taking your baby into the pediatrician for the first time since bringing them home from the hospital, you likely have a lot of questions. These questions are very important, and getting the answers to them can help you to be a more confident and a more informed parent to your newborn. This article will discuss 3 important questions to ask your infant's pediatrician at your first visit. 

How Often Should I Be Feeding Them At Night?

If you are unsure of how often you should feed your child at night, you should definitely ask your pediatrician. They will be able to give you information and answers depending on the size and daily sleep patterns of your child. For example, if your baby is bigger in size and is sleeping through the night, then you won't need to wake them up to nurse. However, if your baby is rather small, then it may be a good idea to wake them up to feed them in the night until they are a little bit bigger. Also, if your baby is waking up constantly at night to nurse, your pediatrician may talk with you about nursing and/or bottle feeding, to see how well they are eating during the day. 

What Is The Safest Way To Have My Baby To Sleep At Night?

As a new mom, it can often be difficult to know the best way to put your baby down at night in order to have them sleep safely. Your pediatrician may recommend that you swaddle your child in order to make them feel comfortable, and also to avoid blankets from covering their face. They may also recommend that you feed your child in the night while sitting up, so that you don't accidentally fall asleep and harm them. The major points are to place your child on their backs in an environment where they will not be suffocated by blankets, pillows, etc. 

How Often Should My Baby Be Using The Bathroom?

Your pediatrician or your nurse will likely ask you how many times your baby is going to the bathroom and will then tell you whether or not that is normal. However, if for some reason or another they don't ask you, be sure to ask them. On average, a baby should have a wet diaper around 8 times per day. This includes both pee and poop, so you should be keeping a mental tally of how often your child does each of these things. This can help the pediatrician to know whether or not your baby is taking in enough milk and/or formula, and if their bowels are working properly. 

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