Fun Ways To Socialize Your New Dog

When you adopt a new dog, it's very important to start socializing them right away. A properly socialized dog is generally a happier dog. Once your dog is socialized, you'll be able to bring it on walks and to public places without worrying that it will be stressed out or aggressive toward other dogs or people. Here are three great ways to socialize your new dog:

Dog Play Date at the Park

A great way to start socializing your new dog is by setting up one-on-one play dates with other dogs. If one of your friends or family members has a well-behaved dog who gets along well with other dogs, this is the ideal place to start. To make the most of your dog's play date, be sure to choose a neutral location for the meeting, such as a park or other outdoor area. This is preferable to meeting at one of your homes, since dogs are often territorial of their homes.

Let the dogs sniff and greet each other, and then play if they both seem interested. If your dog seems overwhelmed or stressed feel free to cut the playdate short and aim to meet for a slightly longer time at the next dog play date. With each play date, your dog should feel more comfortable and even excited about getting to know new dogs.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare allows your dog to interact with other dogs and get the feeling of joining a "pack," while you're at work for the day or even on vacation. The doggy daycare staff members will play with your dog and the others, and make sure all the dogs play safely together. It's best to start out a new dog with a shorter visit to doggy daycare, for example, just dropping them off for a couple of hours, before working up to longer stays.

Obedience Classes

Obedience classes for dogs offer multiple benefits. While attending obedience classes, your dog will learn to listen to commands, and will become more well-mannered and better behaved, all while getting to socialize and interact with other dogs.

If your dog becomes anxious or aggressive around the other dogs, the obedience school instructor will be able to safely handle the situation, and teach you how to do the same.  Your dog will get used to being around other dogs, but in a low pressure manner, since the focus will be on learning commands and good dog manners.

By following these three tips, your new dog will be happily making new friends in no time. Contact a company like All Pets Hospital Ltd for more information.

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